Chemical Distribution Unit

A chemical distribution system that solves the problem of chemical storage limitations for processing. Peer-reviewed, explosion proof, leak proof, and constructed in accordance with internationally recognized safety codes and standards. Expand your facilities production capacity safely and legally.

State and International building codes limit how much chemical can be stored within a facility. Not only is it more efficient for most production equipment, such as ethanol extraction systems, to run larger batches, often these machines also use the whole amount legally allowed in the build at one time. This leaves little to no room for indoor storage.

The Puren Solutions Chemical Distribution Unit (CDU) solves the problems of chemical storage and how to safely transfer it from an outdoor bulk chemical storage unit to points of use inside the facility with connections to extraction equipment. These points provide an immediate source for your critical working chemical, which allows for the use of bigger extraction equipment, increasing production and cost efficiency.

It is explosion proof pumping module that distributes variable quantities of chemical to multiple points in the facility to fill processes or equipment. It is constructed in accordance with internationally recognized safety codes and standards, as well as recognized by all authorities (state, city, county) and option of FDA certification.



Your Solution to Chemical Storage Limitations

  • Save Money – Upgrading a building to accommodate high volumes of interior chemical storage gets expensive
  • Easy to permit – Fully self contained system that is third party peer reviewed.
  • Safer Operations – Multiple safety redundancies and shut down options, ability to connect with building fire alarm, pneumatically powered (no electricity ran to box), fully grounded and more.
  • Customizable: Options for multiple points of discharge, remote distribution valves, multiple explosion proof flow meters, variety of outdoor mounting options, and more!

For more information, customization options, or to purchase chemical distribution units directly, contact us at 1-888-353-6681 or Contact us.

Please expect roughly 6 weeks of lead time for orders.

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A safe and efficient solution to ethanol storage limitations.

  • Stainless steel and chemically resistant construction.
  • The main shell of the pump module acts as double containment for potential system leaks.
  • All wetted piping is either 316 Stainless Steel Swagelok, PFA Tubing and/or Stainless Steel Sanitary fittings for food-grade compatibility.
  • System is designed for CIP (clean in place) sanitary operations.
  • Pneumatically powered components, no electricity running to the box, resulting in an inherently explosion proof unit.
  • Multiple safeties features are included to ensure a failsafe operation and protect the pump equipment. State, Federal and NFPA safety requirements compliant.
  • All components are easily accessible and serviceable.
  • All internal components are grounded to eliminate static electricity buildup.

Customizable Features

  • Remote EPO (Emergency Power Off) and fire alarm shut off functions (per NFPA safety requirements).
  • Tank Selector – Integrated into the body of the module is a tank selector feature which can allow an operator to choose between different source tanks to ensure uninterrupted option.
  • External piping can be double contained PFA tubing from point to point to ensure full leak free operation.
  • Multiple points of discharge from the main pump module, ranging from 1 to 10 points with adjustable flow rates, if required.
  • Remote distribution valves are available as points of use ranging from 1-10 GPM.
  • High quality, explosion proof flow meters to indicate instantaneous flow rate and/or totalizing flows.
  • Indoor or Outdoor installations with a variety of mounting features.

For more information, customization options, or to purchase chemical distribution units directly, contact us at 1-888-353-6681 or Contact us.


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