E3 HEPA Air Filtration Unit with optional E-Guardian Monitoring

A 2000 CFM fan filter unit ready to take on bio-, nuclear or chemical hazards or contaminant sensitive environments where protection of people or products is critical. The E3 Air Filtration unit with E-Guardian Monitoring establishes a comprehensive foundation for cleanroom and medical grade isolation facilities. It’s zero-leakage, HEPA grade filtration removes 99.99% of airborne particle contaminants 0.3 microns and larger within 30 minutes of runtime in a 2000 sq. ft. room.  It can be fully decontaminated, sterilized and reused in any environment, wet or dry. A pneumatic spring compression system secures a complete seal around the filter while also allowing easy filter removal, including a complete bag-in/bag-out filter replacement option to protect personnel from biological or other hazardous contaminants.

The optional built in E-Guardian IIoT based monitoring system is tailored to measure particle sizes that most affect human health and infection management. Its early warning system will alert you to jumps in particle counts, allowing you to act quickly to contain contamination outbreaks and find sources. Data can be exported for reporting needs and the large touchscreen provides quality visual ergonomics and ease of use.

The E3 is ideal for biocontainment and medical isolation facilities, food production and construction, mold remediation and decontamination, smoke removal and more. A formidable first line of defense in airborne contaminant management.



Add-On Options

  • Option A: MERV 8 Activated Carbon Pre-filter
  • Option B: MERV 13 Water Resistant Pre-filter (perfect for wet environments)
  • Option C: HEPA and Pre-filter Bag-In/Bag-Out System
  • Option D: 24″ Vertical or Horizontal Discharge Stainless Steel Plenum with Duct Collar
  • Option E: 24″ Base Return Air Plenum with Duct Collar and Control Dampers
  • Option F: Stainless Steel 16-inch diameter ducted collar
  • Option G: Epoxy Flat Panel Grille
  • Option H: Custom Cooling and Heating Coils (Hydronic or Refrigeration) with active continuous LED UVC coil sterilization
  • Option I: Enhanced E-Guardian Monitoring and Control System (Thermostat and Humidity Control with space pressure monitoring)
  • Option J: E3 3-Year Service Contract

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Please expect roughly 6 weeks of lead time for orders.

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A GMP ready, 2000 CFM HEPA fan filter unit with option for built in E-Guardian Monitoring System.

  • Industrial grade, indoor unit made from corrosion resistant stainless steel.
  • Removes 99.99% of airborne particles 0.3 microns or larger within 30 minutes of runtime.
  • Can rapidly develop and maintain a minimum ISO Class 3 or EU GMP Grade A cleanroom environment (as defined by EN ISO 14644-1).
  • Can easily be washed and sanitized inside and out.
  • Flexible airflow discharge options.
  • Zero maintenance other than filter replacement.
  • Efficient, variable speed fan and motor.
  • Two high quality filters in each unit.
  • High quality filter replacement gauges.
  • Portable and mounted options.
  • Designed for continuous use and to be maintenance free aside from filter replacement.
  • Low energy consumption, averaging only $.50 per day.
  • Flexible power plug-in options
    • 200 volts through 277 volts single phase and 50 or 60 hertz
    • 100-130 volts single phase (120V nominal – 1,200 CFM)
  • 10 year standard warranty on stainless steel structure.
  • 2 year warranty on fan and controls.

Additional features with E-Guardian Monitoring System.

  • Largest particle measurement range of any sensor system currently in production (0.3 to 40 microns).
  • Displays real-time particle counts, cleanroom classification, temperature and humidity.
  • IIoT based system with live updates powered by RevoEdge.
  • Easily monitor from smart phones, tablets and desktop/laptop computers from wherever you have internet.
  • Calibrated integrated particle, temperature and humidity sensor.
  • Early warning intervention system to alert you of particle concentration changes with an automatic increase of fan speed to quickly arrest contamination levels.
  • Ability to export raw data into valuable reports.
  • Large easy to use touchscreen.

For more information, customization options, or to purchase e-series filtration units directly, contact us at 1-888-353-6681 or Contact us.

Additional information

Weight 310 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 35 × 78 in


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