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We are Puren Solutions

Pure. Our commitment to clean technology and sustainability.

Ren. A modifier meaning clean, pure, honest. A reflection of our passion to utilize our experience to provide the world with reliable clean technologies.

Solutions. A testament to our problem solving, vision and wide range of multi-application products.

Puren Solutions designs, manufactures, and sells advanced technology that eliminates biological hazards.

We have over fifteen years’ experience in agriculture production, food manufacturing and processing, biotech, hazardous containment, and more. We understand the need for robust, reliable design.

UVC Light for Food Processing

Innovative, Science-Backed Products

Simple. Sustainable. Intelligent.

We design products to the highest standards. Environmentally minded products that operate efficiently. Intelligent design for intelligent results.

Puren UVC Fixture

Produce Cleaner

Innovative and reliable tools to help you ensure your product and facility are clean, efficient, and sustainable.

Environmentally Conscious

Industrial strength decontamination without chemicals or harmful residue.

Intentional Support

Our consultative sales, after purchase service, and comprehensive warranty guarantee an exceptional customer experience.