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How Do You Deal With Chemical Storage and Use Limitations?

When it comes to extraction, building codes and chemical storage are often at odds. Upgrading buildings for greater storage capacity is very expensive. In most cases, even after upgrades, there are still limits the storage capacity. Not only is it more efficient for most production equipment, such as ethanol extraction systems, to run larger batches, often these machines also use the whole amount legally allowed in the build at one time. This leaves little to no room for indoor storage. In some situations, it can require the downsizing of extraction equipment. Keeping smaller quantities of chemicals on hand or running smaller batches may meet code, but reduces efficiency and your bottom line.

A common solution is to store chemicals outside the building. This allows for greater capacity and is a potential solution for mitigating expensive building upgrades. But how do you efficiently and safely get the chemical from outdoor bulk storage to your process equipment inside the building?

Explore What You Can Do Without Chemical Storage Limitations

The Puren Solutions Chemical Distribution Unit (CDU) solves storage challenges and woes. It allows you to seamlessly move chemical – such as ethanol – from external storage directly to your extraction equipment. This means direct and immediate sourcing of working chemical to your extraction points. It allows for the use of bigger extraction equipment – increasing production and cost efficiency.

The CDU is a fully self-contained system with multiple safety redundancies and shut down options. It is peer-reviewed, explosion and leak proof, and constructed in accordance with internationally recognized safety codes and standards. Enjoy customizable options to meet your unique operations needs, such as multiple points of discharge, remote distribution valves, multiple explosion proof flow meters, a variety of outdoor mounting options and more.

Chemical distribution unit