A Message From Our CEO

Dear Clients and Partners,

Element Grow is evolving into Puren Solutions.

I am really proud to share that apart from a new name, we will have a new look as well. While this is a big change for us, rest assured that our core beliefs haven’t changed at all. We remain committed to taking an integrated approach to pursuing functional solutions that blend real needs with easy to use applications that help you stay ahead in an ever changing world.

Our new name, Puren Solutions, will better represent the diversity of industries we now serve as well as the versatility of our products. Pure stands for our commitment to clean technology and sustainability. Ren is a modifier meaning clean, pure, honest. It is a reflection of our passion to utilize our experience to provide the world with reliable clean technology. Solutions is a testament to our problem solving, vision and wide range of multi-application products. Our name is reflective of our mission to engineer game changing solutions for the health, well-being and productivity of the organizations we serve.

With our new name comes a new look – a new logo, color scheme and website. Clean, fresh, modern. Supporting our desire to promote simplicity with intelligence and excellence. We hope you will come check out our new look August 30, 2021 at www.purensolutions.com. We encourage you to add our email address – info@pursensolutions.com to your safe list so you don’t miss out on future news and product information.

As we move through the remainder of 2021 and head into 2022, we are so excited to be taking the wraps off several new Puren Solution-focused products that have been in development and testing over the past year. As ever before, we are committed to solving the tough challenges of the industry and developing game changing quality solutions.

Puren Solutions will continue to honor its roots in Element Grow, helping companies across a wide range of industries to create clean, exceptional products with quality tools and exceptional support. As always, I am always just a phone call or email away. We look forward to growing with you!


Jason DuBose, CEO

Puren Solutions



About Us

Engineering purity solutions for the health, well-being and productivity of organizations.

We take pride in designing products that are easy to setup, use and maintain. Environmentally minded products that operate efficiently. Implementing intelligent design for intelligent results.