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UVC to Prevent Bud Rot

Bud rot (Botrytis cinerea) is a necrotrophic fungus. Meaning it kills the living cells of its host so it can feed on the dead matter. It is a common cannabis ailment and especially hazardous because of its internal, systemic attacks on the densest parts of your plant. Once your crop has bud rot it rapidly

Battling Bud Rot (Botrytis)

Battling Bud Rot (Botrytis) Powdery mildew gets a lot of conversational air time in the cannabis world. And like powdery mildew, bud rot (or Botrytis) is a common fungus growers will face at some point. Also like powdery mildew, bud rot produces spores that easily spread to other plants and areas.  Bud Rot Basics Bud

UVC: LEDs vs Lamps

UVC LEDs and UVC lamps are two technology options available for germicidal UV disinfection. Let's explore their differences and similarities.

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